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Rodolphus Lestrange
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3rd-Nov-2007 01:37 am(no subject)
Caught in the act?, Dangerous


According to his sources Potter Watch was either here or had been here and had since packed up and moved on.

History had taught him it was more likely to be the latter, that he was wasting his time, and that someone was going to become an outlet for his anger.

And he knew that the Dark Lord would still see this as a failure of his, even if he personally handed over Potter Watch to the Dark Lord to do with as he saw fit.

Bellatrix would just laugh at him and tell him that such a gesture as that wasn't going to make her actually care about him more than she did the day she married him.

He growled under his breath and flicked the half-finished cigarette out onto the street.

The very Muggle street.

Filthy. And yet it has to be done. They think that by hiding in places purebloods won't go they can escape him and his servants. Well. They're wrong. Very wrong.

He strode down the street, elbowing passersby whether they were in his way or not, simply because they were Muggles and thus worth such rudeness.

Until he reached the house he knew was probably empty.

A quick scan told him it was, and hadn't been occupied in ages.

Useless informents. I should just do the tracking myself. Too bad the charm's been used up and Mulciber's out of the country on business of his own, he snarled to himself. And his son is dead useless too, or I'd ask him to do it instead of his father—

Something whizzed by his ear.

What was that?

It was coming back. It was...

A bird?

Stupid creature!

He pulled out his wand.

A bird would do just as well as any other as far as alleviating his anger would—

1st-Nov-2007 04:16 am(no subject)
Caught in the act?, Dangerous
Another day passed. Still they continued to elude him. No matter how close he got—and he got close several times—they always managed to keep at least one Apparation between themselves and their pursuer.

And every now and then, they'd taunt him by appearing on the Wizarding Wireless, mocking him and the Dark Lord; flaunting their cleverness at never having been caught yet.

Trouble with that was, it only applied to "so far". There was still a "tomorrow" to deal with, and predator and prey knew this both.

Sure, he'd get tips from witches and wizards supportive of the Dark Lord, and usually they were good ones, but still Potter Watch continued to prove to be as easy to catch as a shadow.

He was getting angry. And in his anger he was getting careless. Sloppy.

The Muggles were starting to notice that there was something running about the lands at night, and people were too scared to go outside, because if Potter Watch didn't end up on his platter, some poor soul would invariably take his place.

And Mulciber too was taking notice; something he took pains to point out to the younger man whenever Rodolphus returned for a reapplication of the charm that would, three times per casting, turn him into an animal in a fashion akin to that of an Animagus.

He never felt the need to learn, until now, and things were getting desperate now, hence his use of the older man's skills at charms.

Hence why he listened and growled back that he was "getting closer I'm positive of it".

Potter Watch continued to remain at large.

Just how much longer did he have?

How much longer was Mulciber going to keep this a secret from the Dark Lord?

Voldemort did not take failures lightly...
23rd-Oct-2007 01:10 am(no subject)
[The spell has been cast...]

—screams everywhere—

It was like a stampeding herd of animals. Not a single individual had an intended direction in mind; their only interest was to get as far away from their pursuer as possible.

To think he thought the Animagus skill wasn't worth learning, as you always ended up a filthy animal no matter what the species was!

His mind was now very much changed. If this form was what he'd become if he learned how to become an Animagus, then why not learn?

The scattering crowd was enough to convince him that he ought to leave that for another day. He had four more hours in this body, and he was having fun chasing the Muggles about the town.

And where is their vaunted law enforcement? he asked, teeth sinking into the leg of a teenager, who grabbed the lid off a dustbin to beat him over the head with. It didn't work. Surely they can handle one animal?

They could, but thanks to the stampede, getting to him would be impossible without serious crowd control.

He kept at it for another fifteen minutes, before he found that the amusement factor of just chasing Muggles was short-lived.

I tire of this chase, he thought to himself, as he began to stalk a panic-stricken woman. It's time for more serious action...

...and the screaming really began...
20th-Oct-2007 12:59 am(no subject)
Sinister intent
[One week ago...]

Lessons were schedualed to begin today.

He'd been awaiting this moment ever since Lykos Mulciber Senior told him about a charm that would mimic the Animagus transformation but with none of the training and study involved. It would not be permanent, but it would last a sufficient amount of time for the user to do whatever she or he wanted or needed to do.

To say Rodolphus was giddy would be to put it mildly. Even ecstatic wouldn't begin to cover it.

Thus the reason why Rodolphus was willing to overlook Lykos' tardiness just this once.

"I'm here," the familiar voice said.

"Lykos! How good it is to see you!"

"Spare me the pleasantries Lestrange; you wanted me to do something for you and here I am."

"Yes I did."

"And I agreed to do it."

"You did." He was grinning.

"Right. Well. I suppose we'd best begin now."

Lykos extracted his wand from where he'd stashed it away.

"Hold still. You move too much the spell either will not work or... Let's just say you won't like the results."

"Do it then." Holding still wasn't going to be easy, but if he was to get what he wanted he had to follow instructions.

"This might feel a little weird," he said, tapping various parts of Rodolphus' body with the wandtip, muttering incantations at each tap.

Lykos was right; this was complicated.

"And now..." The final incantation was spoken, and suddenly Rodolphus felt a lot weird. A familiar weird too. It was just like when Asar-Suti transformed him into a rat back in the bar. His body was altering, stretching, compacting into a new shape.

But not a small, rodent-like shape.

"There. Go have a look in the mirror," Lykos said, pointing to a nearby mirror.

He let out a strange cry of surprise. A cry that wasn't unlike a human cry, save for the fact that he'd spoken no words.

Staring out of the mirror was the nastiest creature anyone could think of.

A hyena.

Nasty. And lethal, if appearances were an indication. He liked it. It suited him.

The time to admire the effects was short. Just as he was admiring his teeth, he noticed that the changes were undoing.

"RRrrrrrrrggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhat?" he said, voice shifting along with his body.

"This part of the spell is the revealling part. It shows you what you'll become whenever it's applied. It'll happen each time the spell is renewed, too." Lykos shrugged in response to Rodolphus' annoyance. "That's the way this magic works, mate. You'll just have to get used to it."

Getting up, he gave Lykos an ugly stare. He'd hoped that the effects would, well, last longer.

Lykos seemed to have read Rodolphus' mind.

"The spell lasts five hours each time, and five hours only. Also, you can only use it on three seperate occasions. After that, you come back to me for any reapplications. Understood?"

He stared into the mirror, thinking of the animal he saw, and envisioning what it could do.

"Five hours each time; three seperate occasions. Sounds good to me. And it's understood."

"Good. There's other instructions I want to pass on to you before you leave here."

Lykos then indicated that they were to go to the kitchens, where they'd discuss anything else over a good round of Ogden's Old Firewhiskey....
18th-Aug-2007 04:07 pm(no subject)
Sinister intent
"I hope you're able to fully Apparate because I have no time or inclination to fix any splinchings you might do."

And with that, he Apparates out of the manor—

—to the outskirts of a town the other Death Eaters had confirmed was once used by Potter Watch.

If they can pick up any clues as to where that band of rebels might head next he could catch them and bring their heads back on a platter, while serving the rest of the remains to Nagini herself.

"Let's see... They have to have left something we can follow..."
6th-Aug-2007 06:27 am(no subject)
His faithful servant, Death Eater
How very convenient...

Just as he's carrying a platter of afters for that couple over near the fireplace he spots it.

The door to his world is open, but only just. A space big enough for a rat to get through.

Not one to pass up an opportunity he hustles over to the door, leaving the platter behind him for some other rat to take up.

He's going home...

And sure enough, just as Asar-Suti had promised, the moment his paws touched the ground he is rendered fully human. With wand in his hand just as it was when he was being charmed into his ratty state.

With a smirk he pulls out his Death Eater's attire, puts on his robe, places his mask on his face, and gets to work...

...he hasn't missed a beat...
31st-Jul-2007 03:02 pm(no subject)
Sinister intent
How long it had been since the changes were made and his form enchanted to that of a green-eyed white rat he no longer remembered or cared. It wasn't important any more.

No. It was. It had lost significance to a new drive. The same drive his traitorous scum of a brother was feeling.

Home was calling. His real home in the Wizarding World.

Time to go back.

But not like this.

He'd need his human body to do what had to be done so that his role in his world's saga could be completed, and fate's plans for him realised.

Asar-Suti. He had to find that noxious god and get the seker to change him back.

He had work to do...
23rd-Apr-2007 06:14 pm(no subject)
Sinister intent
He drummed his fingers against the table while he balanced a cigarette in the other. It was almost time, and if he was to intercept his treasonous brother, he'd have to leave now. Head upstairs to the room Draco had told him Rabastan would be, presumably to meet Draco about ... something. And he couldn't remember what that "something" was.

No matter. It wasn't important anyways.

Apprehending Rabastan and bringing his sorry carcass to the Dark Lord was important.

He got up and made his way past the Muggle filth that populated the bar trying not to touch any of them if he could help it, and giving those he could a nasty hex to remind them who their betters were if collision was unavoidable.

Really. They ought to know that they should get out of his way whenever he was around.

It took him a few minutes, but he found it nevertheless. The room Draco had told him Rabastan would be.

All he had to do was position himself and wait...
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